The Moon

Sometimes I like to sit in the dark. That might sound strange but I honestly do. I just sit. No music and no lights. Just myself, the dark and my thoughts. And I like it.

Sometimes I enjoy sleeping with my curtains open to let in the moonlight, if the Moon is shining bright, of course. I also like to look at the stars. That’s why when I was little I used to have a load of glow-in-the-dark star stickers on my ceiling and I’d look at them as I fell asleep. But nothing really beats the real thing.

Sometimes I like to sit in the dark with the curtains open and watch the Moon rise over the fell opposite my house.

The Moon is really bright tonight and it looks incredibly beautiful. It seems to light it’s surroundings really well so that I can see the outline of the fell and also some of the stars. I’m actually getting a little dizzy looking at it as there are clouds up there too that are moving really fast past the moon and it’s making the Moon look as though it’s moving really fast.

I don’t think the Moon gets enough credit, though. I mean, everybody gets really excited over Jupiter or Mars whilst the Moon is seen as a boring, white sphere that appears every night. However, it is not a boring, white sphere that appears every night. It’s a 4.58 billion year old permanent natural satellite that orbits the Earth; creating tides and allowing us to see our surroundings in the dark. It began off as a ball of magma and was formed by the remaining debris when Earth collided with another ball of rock. It seemed to like the view and decided to stay around for a while. It became battered and bruised as it had large space debris hit it but it still remains. The last large crater to be formed was back when the dinosaurs were wandering the Earth which was a bloody long time ago!

The Moon is what we started off looking at and was the object that helped scientists to understand the universe and why the planets look like they do. It is beautiful and I think people should start appreciating it more.dscf0452


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